Based on our growth and presence in the Memphis area, we are pleased to announce the August 20, 2019 opening of the Persevere Shared Services Center in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Located at 4147 Willow Lake Blvd.Memphis, TN 38118, the Persevere Shared Services Center, which also houses Persevere’s main office, is an essential component of our program, vital for the long-term success of our participants in the Memphis area. 

The Persevere Shared Services Center is a brand new and innovative concept in employment support. For some of our incarcerated students, they complete their coding classes in the institution and then come to the Center for additional program support and employment placement and mentoring. Others complete most of their training in the institution and complete it in the Center. For our participants on community supervision, the Center serves as classroom, employment agency, mentoring center, reentry center, and technology access hub.

In the persevere Shared Services Center functions as an employment support and technology hub for our program participants where they can:

✔ Get the support they need to make a smooth transition and reentry to the community

✔ Complete their coding certification; 

✔ Work remotely on coding-related projects for their employers; 

✔ Receive on-site technical guidance and support while working on coding projects assigned by their employers;

✔ Succeed!

…Find them jobs. Watch them succeed!

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