Teach inmates and parolees to code. Find them jobs. Watch them succeed.

National data shows recidivism rates are highest among those who are unemployed. Criminal justice involved men and women have long struggled to find employment upon release. They have an immediate disadvantage because of their criminal justice involvement, and must compete with non-offenders for unskilled, low-paying jobs. Even when they are successful at finding a job, keeping it is another challenge. As a result, many are unable to comply with the conditions of parole and end up back in prison.

The Solution

National non-profit organization, Persevere, provides a coding education program that not only teaches inmates and parolees how to code, but also provides:

- Job search and job placement services
- Instruction in the soft skills necessary for the work environment
- Life skills education
- Mentoring support
- Entrepreneurial training for starting their own businesses and marketing their coding services to companies nationwide

  • Coding Classes

    The three-phase coding program is customizable for your organization and is available in various lengths and formats, all leading to multiple certifications for participants.

  • Work Experience

    Our work experience component allows participants to work for real companies while they are still in the program so they can receive on-the-job instructor support and gain the highly valuable experience they need to qualify for coding positions.

  • Job Placement Services

    Persevere doesn't leave participants on their own to find jobs. We provide job placement services to match each participant with a well-paying job in the technology industry.

  • Employability Instruction

    Employability instruction helps participants learn the skills they need to be successful on the job.

  • Life Skills

    Life skills can make the difference between success and failure on the job.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurial Training is offered through our partnership with BoomStartup.

" Programs that provide this continuum of services from institution to community yield lower recidivism rates, higher employment, and a greater return on investment."

- Marjorie Rist, Chief Solutions Officer, Vant4ge

"Everyone deserves hope, and the support to persevere. Our population needs truly viable skills, in today's economy, with real opportunities to succeed. Technology offers real, meaningful jobs, careers, and even entrepreneurship opportunities. Persevere makes this all possible."

- Sean Hosman, Persevere Founder

"Walking away from my parole hearing, all I could focus on was what parole board members were saying. ‘You must have a job prior to release.’ As those words pounded in my head, I started to wonder what on earth I was going to do? I didn’t have access to any resources from inside. A job was standing between me and freedom. And then I found Persevere. Today, I'm off parole and working in a well-paying job. I couldn't have done it without Persevere's help."

- Stacey Books Mesko, Former Inmate

"Partnering with Persevere provides us an opportunity to leverage and connect our nationwide community of mentors, investors and subject matter experts directly to the population, accelerating their ability to secure jobs, or in some cases for the entrepreneurial-minded, start and launch their very own Company"

- Robb Kunz, BoomStartUp Founding Partner

Persevere Coding Courses

  • Responsive Web Design

    • HTML / HTML 5
    • Basic CSS
    • Grid based Layouts
  • Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

    • JavaScript and ES6
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Data Structures
    • Debugging
  • Front-end Libraries Certification

    • Bootstrap
    • jQUERY
    • Sass
    • React and Redux
  • Data Visualization Certification

    • Graphing with D3
    • JSON Data and Ajax
  • APIs and Microservices Certification

    • Package management
    • Node/Express APIs
    • NoSQL Databases
  • Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification

    • HelmetJS
    • QA with Chai

How can Persevere’s coding program work for you?

  • - Decrease recidivism among your population
  • - Increase the employment rate among inmates and parolees
  • - Expand and increase the effectiveness of your education and employment preparation programs
  • - Give your inmates and parolees the skills they need to keep jobs
  • - Give hope to your inmates and parolees

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Persevere is an established, nationwide 501(c) 3 non-profit organization designed to assist justice-involved individuals find and maintain employment in high-demand, future-facing industries. We provide a variety of services ranging from coding instruction, software development skills, entrepreneurship, job acquisition, job retention, life skills support, and mentorship.


Persevere is an established, nationwide 501(c) 3 non-profit organization designed to assist justice-involved individuals find and maintain employment in high-demand, future-facing industries. We provide a variety of services ranging from coding instruction, software development skills, entrepreneurship, job acquisition, job retention, life skills support, and mentorship.

Persevere partners with BoomStartup, a mentor-driven seed accelerator, for the entrepreneurship component of the program. BoomStartup helps new entrepreneurs find an optimal business model, make connections with customers and investors, and execute their business plans, using a mentor model. The organization has helped its mentees raise more than $32 million in seed capital.

Whether Persevere participants choose employment or entrepreneurship, Persevere prepares them for success.