Persevere programming has had a profound impact on program participants. Similarly, our organization has received high praise from industry professionals who understand the power of the Persevere program providing men and women with jobs and hope.. 

Persevere doesn’t just provide technology skills, we teach participants how to use them!

What Participants are Saying…

“I have twelve years of incarceration and I go up for parole in June for the 8th time, but I’m going to tell them if they do want to give it to me to make it on completion of this class. That’s how much I like having the privilege of learning to code!”  ~ Joseph C., Persevere Participant, West Tennessee State Penitentiary 

“This class has taught me that I can do more with my life; that I can be more than a number in the system. It has made me realize that I can accomplish bigger, better things.”~ D. McT.

“I now feel like I know what I was put here to do. I feel like once I am released this time I will have a way to make money without having to worry about doing anything illegal to make it happen.”~ Abby J. 

What Professionals Are Saying… 

“Persevere’s program aligns with all four of the areas identified by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee as necessary to achieve his objective for Tennessee to lead the nation: outcome-focused education, criminal justice reform, expanded jobs in the technology sector, and unleashing the promise and potential of all Tennesseans.” ~Tony Parker, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Correction

“Programs that provide this continuum of services from institution to community yield lower recidivism rates, higher employment, and a greater return on investment.” ~ Marjorie Rist, Chief Solutions Officer, Vant4ge