Persevere’s program extends its reach and support beyond prison walls with its offering of Residential Transition Services; and recently, in the Memphis area of Tennessee, a we purchased a home where some recent Persevere program graduates will reside.

Our program’s Residential Transition Services are provided in a structured, home-like environment for 7-12 Persevere coding class graduates. They will receive a variety of services to support their re-entry into the community including:

✔ Case management and mentoring support   

✔ Transportation to required appointments and jobs, 

✔ Support for meeting probation and parole requirements, and social support, 

✔ Assistance accessing community-based services such as mental health and alcohol/drug addiction counseling, 

✔ The assistance of staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Persevere’s transition house also comes equipped with the technology needed for participants to continue their coding studies, work, and other educational pursuits.

Thank you for welcoming us, Memphis!