BoomStartup is a mentor-driven seed accelerator that helps new entrepreneurs find an optimal business model, make connections with customers and investors, and execute their business plans, using a mentor model.

Many justice-involved individuals find it difficult to find employment because of their criminal backgrounds, even when they have excellent skills in a high-demand field. This is particularly true for individuals with offences that carry a social stigma among the public. For these people, entrepreneurship provides a viable answer. There are opportunities for coders who can work both remotely or on-site as independent contractors. This Entrepreneurship module includes starting a business, managing a business, managing money, and even recruiting investors. Mentoring support for building a business is provided post-release for those who are suited for entrepreneurship.

BoomStartup also gives Persevere access to start-up companies seeking coders and developers, helping ensure that all participants are placed in positions as they complete the program.