Employability Skills within the Technology Industry

The module on employability skills within the technology industry is embedded within the coding class day and provided in one 15-minute segment every day. This unique instructional design promotes comprehension and long term understanding and directly links the information to the coding skills they are learning.

The curriculum includes topics such as how technology has changed in the last 10-20 years, jobs in the coding and software development field and requirements for these jobs (Quality Assurance Testers, Developers, Architects, Programmers, UX/UI Designers, Web Developers, etc.), different skills required for different jobs, what employers look for in new employees, wage ranges for tech jobs, and how to be competitive for jobs in the industry.

Traditional Employability Instruction with a Twist

Participants also receive instruction in resume building, interviewing, job searching, and all of the topics found in typical employment preparation programs.

The Persevere difference is that these are provided both through classroom instruction and individualized case management and mentoring support of the Employment Specialist. Our employment specialist also helps each participant acquire the documents they need for employment such as a drivers’ license or identification card, social security card, and any other necessary documents.